Scotland Energy Efficiency Awards 2020

Regional Large Scale Project (>250K) of the Year

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Award Category Description

The 2020 Regional Large Scale Project of the Year Award rewards one exceptional project, in each of the 11 Regional areas around the UK, where energy efficiency measures of more than £250,000 have been installed.
This award recognises the efforts of all those involved locally in delivering a successful large scale energy saving project, while maintaining excellent customer service that demonstrates a high standard of quality workmanship throughout the project.

Works on residential, industrial or commercial properties are all eligible for entry provided they meet the nomination criteria.


Nominations for this award are open to any commercial or domestic project that meets the following criteria:-

The nominated project must be above £250,000 in value

All contractors working on the project must be fully qualified

The nominated project must be delivered within the nominated region.

Nominees must provide a clear nomination statement outlining what sets their project apart from other similar projects within the industry, and demonstrating clearly what energy savings can be achieved.

The nominee must be able to provide evidence of an end user / customer from within the region who has benefited from the project and who is willing to endorse the project with a favourable testimonial statement.

Judges will consider the nature, scale and scope of the work carried out, and a special emphasis will be placed on any successful integration of any Local or National Government Energy Efficiency schemes into the nominated project.

The judges will also look at:
- the impact the project has had within the local community.
- what the customers and local community have to say about the project
- what level of expertise the project management and delivery team has in delivering this type of project.

Nominees for this award

Granton Harbour Project

SPSEnvirowall/Linc Housing

nominated by SPSEnvirowall

Previous Winner

The current holder of this award is

Prize being presented to Carbon Management Plan: LED replacement Efficiency Project
Scottish Energy Efficiency Awards 2019
Carbon Management Plan: LED replacement Efficiency Project

by Transport Scotland-Roads Directorate/BEAR Scotland/Scotland Transerv/Amey/HMG/SRP/Auto Link

they were nominated by Transport Scotland

Also recognised were
Highly Commended: HEEPS-ABS for Swedish Timber Properties
Commended: Highlands & Islands Renewable Heat & Insulation Project
Commended: Dumfries and Galloway Schools PPP Energy Efficiency Bundle