Energy Efficiency Awards 2022

National Product of the Year

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Award Category Description

The National Product of the Year Award recognises an outstanding product that can help improve energy efficiency in the UK


Nominations for this award are open to any product that is helping improve energy efficiency and which meets the following criteria:-

The nominated product must be an accredited product

The nominated product must have been operational within its target market within the period of January 2021 to March 2022.

Nominees must provide a clear nomination statement outlining what sets them apart within their field, and demonstrating clear energy savings achieved by the product.

The nominee must be able to provide evidence of a customer / client who is willing to endorse their work with a favourable testimonial statement.

Judges will consider the nature, scale and scope of the work involved with installing and operating the product, and a special emphasis will be placed on any successful integration of the product into any Local or National Government Energy Efficiency schemes .

The judges will also look at:
- the size and scope of the Energy Efficiency savings provided by the product
- the level and type of funding available to support the product
- the impact the product manufacturing and installation has had within the local community.
- what their customers and local community have to say about the product
- what level of expertise the manufacturer has within their organisation

Nominees for this award


nominated by Energystore Ltd

Midea M Thermal Heat Pump

nominated by Freedom Heat Pumps Ltd

Altherma 3 Monobloc


nominated by FDG Group

SWIP Internal Wall Insulation System

nominated by SWIP Ltd

Soltherm 75

nominated by Soltherm External Insulations Limited


Honeywell Home by Resideo

nominated by Heatforce (Wales) Limited


nominated by PAS Safe Solutions


nominated by PAS Safe Solutions


nominated by Switchee Ltd

E-Tec Hybrid

nominated by Heatforce (Wales) Ltd

HALO Controller

nominated by Ideal Boilers

Previous Winner

The current holder of this award is

Prize being presented to AirEx
Photos from the National Awards 2020

they were nominated by AirEx Technologies

The current holder of this award is


they were nominated by AirEx Technologies

Also recognised were
Second: SWIP Internal Wall Insulation System
Second: Airbox Comfort Trickle Vent
Third: Flux LED Lighting