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Sponsors for 2019 Wales Regional Energy Efficiency Awards

Whether you are a home owner, business, housing association or public sector customer, its time to reduce and lock down your immediate and future electricity bills, cut your carbon emissions whilst providing you with an income for the next 20 years. Engenera makes this possible for national UK clients, with its freedom of choice installation options, buy it, finance it, or receive it for FREE. Engage in free advice through our Going Green consultancy service for all types of clients. Client Services Going Green, free home and business consultancy service for renewable technologies. Domestic Solar PV, free, paid or financed. Commercial Solar, free, paid, finance. Education and public sector free, paid or finance. Social Housing and housing associations. free, paid or finance.
City Energy
City Energy are specialists ECO funding and work to provide homes across the UK with a means of affordable warmth and work to alleviate fuel poverty. We work closely with the public and private sectors to maximise funding opportunities which enable individual and area wide energy efficiency schemes.
Soltherm External Insulations Limited
The mission at Soltherm External Insulations Ltd is to supply building materials and solutions of the highest quality to the British market. Soltherm External Insulations Ltd is expansion-oriented and wants to achieve this by establishing and strengthening long-term and ethical relationships with clients and key business partners. With 25 years of experience Soltherm has become one of the leading companies in the building chemistry market and a leading provider of thermal insulation systems. Soltherm specialises in the production of façade systems, by offering a high level of support and practical expertise at an affordable price. Soltherm employs and continuously improves the latest organizational techniques and environmentally-friendly technologies. Soltherm cares for its financial credibility and the satisfaction of our clients, employees and shareholders. Soltherm is a multi-national company with operations in 15 countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia, Russia, Malta and India, Soltherm has experience in various climates from hot and humid to cold and wet, with this in mind, Soltherm researches and develops various products to withstand all weathers, all of which reach the highest industry standards. Soltherm solutions are tested vigorously under various laboratory conditions and have parameters substantially exceeding comparable products of competitors. Approved by NSAI, BBA, CSTB, DiBT, BBA, Soltherms specially developed adhesives, paint and renders are used to finish 4.5 million square metres of EWI facades annually. Moreover, Soltherm is ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accredited.
Eco Surv
Wales & West Utilities Ltd
Our core business at Wales & West Utilities is the safe and secure transportation of gas across our distribution network throughout Wales and the south west of England. This involves connecting new customers, maintaining and replacing gas pipework, and responding to gas emergencies. With a gas network of more than 35,000km of mains, we transport gas to the homes and businesses of 2.5 million consumers across a geography covering 1/6th of the UK, serving a population of more than 7 million people
Logicor (Group) Ltd
Research & Development Logicor specialises in the supply or creation of patents across a wide range of industry sectors. Logicor is an established Research & Development company whose solutions to problems often result in the creation of companies with independent funding and workforces to take those ideas into the market place. Often people we talk to only give us a simple part sentence that usually starts with "wouldnt it be nice if..." That sentence has preceded some of our most successful ventures to date. However the Logicor team are continuously looking at new products or projects to work on. The company has a team of professionals who oversee all aspects of the companys business activities ranging from solicitors, accountants and of course our investment team Skills & Investment Control of the business rests with its three directors, all of whom have skills that contribute to the success of the business but behind that team of directors are an investment team and the company's shareholders who between them decide which projects to bring to market and at what time. In the past two years Logicors investment has been substantial and two new products have been brought to market.