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Sponsors for 2019 West Midlands Regional Energy Efficiency Awards

Logicor (Group) Ltd
Research & Development Logicor specialises in the supply or creation of patents across a wide range of industry sectors. Logicor is an established Research & Development company whose solutions to problems often result in the creation of companies with independent funding and workforces to take those ideas into the market place. Often people we talk to only give us a simple part sentence that usually starts with "wouldnt it be nice if..." That sentence has preceded some of our most successful ventures to date. However the Logicor team are continuously looking at new products or projects to work on. The company has a team of professionals who oversee all aspects of the companys business activities ranging from solicitors, accountants and of course our investment team Skills & Investment Control of the business rests with its three directors, all of whom have skills that contribute to the success of the business but behind that team of directors are an investment team and the company's shareholders who between them decide which projects to bring to market and at what time. In the past two years Logicors investment has been substantial and two new products have been brought to market.
SAS Energy
SAS Energy is a highly trusted, thoroughly professional and one of the most forward thinking renewable energy companies in the United Kingdom. SAS Energy is absolutely committed to providing its customers with the most affordable, efficient and sustainable solutions. With our experience from working on a significant number of installations over the years, we know we are able to successfully install the full range of renewable energy applications. SAS Energy’s consultant team will provide all the advice and documentation you require for you to review the options. Our friendly and experienced team will design a system that take your financial considerations into account. We will discuss and guide you through product selection, answering any questions you may have. We have an absolute commitment to deliver the highest standards and quality on all the products and services we offer SAS ENERGY was launched nine years ago, by two forward thinking entrepreneurs –Nicholas Porter and Jon Dennis. Due to the drive and commitment of every team member, it is now a company of 6 complementary businesses, but it still has the same high level of professionalism as it had on day one. SAS ENERGY is a renowned and well respected renewable energy company. It specialises in commercial Solar Photovoltaic installations. It is particularly proud that in the last year - it has achieved a World first in the West Midlands – their solar installation enabling their client to achieve both a BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ notification and net zero regulated carbon emissions.
We are a finance company who specialise in producing bespoke financial solutions to homeowners across the UK. We work with our nationwide network of accredited contractors to ensure your new home improvements are financed in the best possible way by checking for any available free government funding/grants, energy company obligation and/or green deal. Improveasy.com are always looking for the best Green Deal Assessors (GDAs) to join our expanding network across the length and breadth of the UK. We can supply ongoing local work with jobs being assigned to you via the eTech application (training provided if required). You can enjoy using this fantastic software for your own private work and as a Green Deal Advice Organisation (GDAO) we can offer you reduced lodgement fees, great rates and fast payment terms.
Evergen Solar
Evergen are an energy and environment company. We install Solar generation, electricity storage and Energy Management Systems on homes, commercial properties and public sector buildings. As well as saving our customers £thousands on their annual energy bills, all of these activities have a direct impact on cutting CO2 emissions. Now we are also tackling urban air pollution.
Celebrating our 25th Year Saving Carbon and Energy in the UK - SAP Ratings.com and Green Heat Ltd are here to help guide and assist your way through the various planning and building regulations conditions affecting your construction project. Deciding on sustainable, environmentally efficient construction is no longer simply a question of conscience. The UK Government is putting in place strategies that will aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide, which research has proved to be a major contributing factor to global warming. One such strategy involves the long awaited modification to Part L1 of the Building Regulations, which came into effect in April 2002. These amendments insist upon the calculation of a Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) Rating for all new dwellings and those converted through material change of use. The requirements also necessitate that the Rating is displayed in the property upon completion. The regulations were amended in 2006, 2010 and 2014 (2013) with the introduction of Approved Document L1/2A for New Build and L1/2B for Existing Buildings including Extensions and Change of Use Buildings. sapratings.com is an established energy rating company with a reputation for providing a thorough and professional service at highly competitive rates. Using software approved by the Building Research Establishment, sapratings.coms experienced team can produce an unbiased, well-informed rating both at design stage and again at completion, if changes have occurred. sapratings.com endeavours, wherever possible, to produce accurate results in the fastest possible turnaround time.
Eco Surv
Since 2013 Eco Surv have been revolutionising the way the energy efficiency and renewables industry operates through intelligent software and mobile solutions. The ECO Surv platform is a full end-to-end workflow management solution for the Energy Efficiency, ECO and Renewables industry. Our Mobile Surveying applications and cloud based platform allows for a streamlined route from lead generation to survey, compliance checking, installation, submission and obligation reporting. The ECO Surv surveying application is used to capture data on site through the use of a mobile tablet. Once a measure is complete and uploaded compliant documentation is instantly created, ready for quick and easy application processing. By using Eco Surv our current clients have experienced increased productivity huge time savings and successful submissions enabled by the streamlining and standardisation of the complicated process.
Baxter Kelly
Baxter Kelly specialises in construction and energy efficiency solutions. Based in the Midlands, we are a successful company that works throughout the UK. We are just as comfortable working on an individuals property for a couple of hours as we are being based on a building site for 6 months. All of customers receive the same excellent customer service from our professional team, aiming to always leave the customer satisfied. Our staff are fully trained in both the technical and safety aspects of our work. Our commitment to continuous professional development means that our staff are highly qualified and trained for the newest developments in construction and energy efficiency. Baxter Kelly Construction specialises in structural and aesthetic works. If you are refurbishing a property, building an extension or simply have some painting or plastering, our expert team will ensure excellent customer service and satisfaction from the first phone call to completion. Our experienced team at Baxter Kelly Energy Efficiency can help you make your home more energy efficient and access government funding available. From cavity wall insulation to a new boiler installation, our team will work swiftly and professionally to complete the work to your satisfaction. Our Mission To responsibly deliver quality services to the highest industry standards. To provide value for our customers. To ensure our staff are highly qualified and trained for the newest developments in construction and energy efficiency. To appraise our cost base to ensure resources are effectively deployed.
Soltherm External Insulations Limited
The mission at Soltherm External Insulations Ltd is to supply building materials and solutions of the highest quality to the British market. Soltherm External Insulations Ltd is expansion-oriented and wants to achieve this by establishing and strengthening long-term and ethical relationships with clients and key business partners. With 25 years of experience Soltherm has become one of the leading companies in the building chemistry market and a leading provider of thermal insulation systems. Soltherm specialises in the production of façade systems, by offering a high level of support and practical expertise at an affordable price. Soltherm employs and continuously improves the latest organizational techniques and environmentally-friendly technologies. Soltherm cares for its financial credibility and the satisfaction of our clients, employees and shareholders. Soltherm is a multi-national company with operations in 15 countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia, Russia, Malta and India, Soltherm has experience in various climates from hot and humid to cold and wet, with this in mind, Soltherm researches and develops various products to withstand all weathers, all of which reach the highest industry standards. Soltherm solutions are tested vigorously under various laboratory conditions and have parameters substantially exceeding comparable products of competitors. Approved by NSAI, BBA, CSTB, DiBT, BBA, Soltherms specially developed adhesives, paint and renders are used to finish 4.5 million square metres of EWI facades annually. Moreover, Soltherm is ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accredited.
Area Eco
Area Eco specialises in providing support to companies and residents to reduce cost and to comply with the Carbon Reduction legislative framework. Based in the Midlands we train and support people and organisations across the UK. We offer a wide range of services for domestic and commercial customers. Area Eco offers specialist advisers with many years experience in the area of Energy Management and sustainable energy saving techniques. Area Eco has qualified domestic, public buildings, and commercial energy assessors. We will undertake an audit of the current condition of the property. You will then be supplied with an energy performance certificate and a green deal assessment (if required) with suggestions for improvements to your property.
BMG Surveys Ltd
We are a Consulting Engineering firm operating throughout the UK, with head offices in Glasgow. We have been providing professional engineering support services to Solar PV and Solar Thermal installers & designers in both the domestic and commercial sectors for over 5 years. Our comprehensive knowledge and attention to detail in the renewables, and in particular the Solar market has seen our client base triple over the past 3 years. We are an MCS and NAPIT nominated company and we currently work with some of Europe's largest investors in renewables.
Whether you are a home owner, business, housing association or public sector customer, its time to reduce and lock down your immediate and future electricity bills, cut your carbon emissions whilst providing you with an income for the next 20 years. Engenera makes this possible for national UK clients, with its freedom of choice installation options, buy it, finance it, or receive it for FREE. Engage in free advice through our Going Green consultancy service for all types of clients. Client Services Going Green, free home and business consultancy service for renewable technologies. Domestic Solar PV, free, paid or financed. Commercial Solar, free, paid, finance. Education and public sector free, paid or finance. Social Housing and housing associations. free, paid or finance.