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Sponsors for 2019 East of England Regional Energy Efficiency Awards

Logicor (Group) Ltd
Research & Development Logicor specialises in the supply or creation of patents across a wide range of industry sectors. Logicor is an established Research & Development company whose solutions to problems often result in the creation of companies with independent funding and workforces to take those ideas into the market place. Often people we talk to only give us a simple part sentence that usually starts with "wouldnt it be nice if..." That sentence has preceded some of our most successful ventures to date. However the Logicor team are continuously looking at new products or projects to work on. The company has a team of professionals who oversee all aspects of the companys business activities ranging from solicitors, accountants and of course our investment team Skills & Investment Control of the business rests with its three directors, all of whom have skills that contribute to the success of the business but behind that team of directors are an investment team and the company's shareholders who between them decide which projects to bring to market and at what time. In the past two years Logicors investment has been substantial and two new products have been brought to market.
EBRL aim to inspire and enable sustainable living through energy efficient construction, materials and design. A family run business, we began trading in the electrical services sector in 1975, became incorporated in 2009 and continue to grow, thanks to our dedicated and skilled workforce.Today, we help our clients realise construction and renovation projects in a way that reduces the financial and environmental cost of any structure. Serving a wide array of residential and commercial clients across England and Wales, our extensive experience and expertise allows for a fully integrated service that considers all project requirements. DIRECTORS STATEMENT “To do the right thing - this is the single core value that has taken EBRL from strength to strength since we began trading in 1975. This commitment not only drives the way we seek to do business, but has adjusted our thought and design processes to ensure we are doing the best by our clients and their communities at every opportunity. With the ongoing issues of climate change, pollution, fuel security, and fuel cost, we feel it is prudent to assist in reducing carbon emissions and energy costs by utilising the sustainable building and renewable technologies available today. We do not look to employ modern technologies to increase the capital cost of projects, but instead to lay the groundwork for cost-effective solutions right from project conception. In doing so, the environmental and financial benefits of an energy-efficient building live on long after our involvement. No two projects are the same, and we recognise the importance of tailoring our services to clients’ requirements. We know that communication is the key to delivery, and this is a philosophy we foster from the top down. We pride ourselves in being not simply a service provider, but your partner. Our ultimate goal is your recommendation. This is why when you work with EBRL, you are guaranteed to receive quality service.
Eco Surv
Since 2013 Eco Surv have been revolutionising the way the energy efficiency and renewables industry operates through intelligent software and mobile solutions. The ECO Surv platform is a full end-to-end workflow management solution for the Energy Efficiency, ECO and Renewables industry. Our Mobile Surveying applications and cloud based platform allows for a streamlined route from lead generation to survey, compliance checking, installation, submission and obligation reporting. The ECO Surv surveying application is used to capture data on site through the use of a mobile tablet. Once a measure is complete and uploaded compliant documentation is instantly created, ready for quick and easy application processing. By using Eco Surv our current clients have experienced increased productivity huge time savings and successful submissions enabled by the streamlining and standardisation of the complicated process.
Common Sense Energy
I am Allen Harris, the Managing Director of Common Sense Energy Ltd. My career started in the building industry back in 1982 and it was shortly after that, whilst studying a university course, that I first became aware of renewable energy. The thing that started it all off for me was a combined heat and power station in Amsterdam. This was no ordinary power station! It was powered by the citys waste! Would you believe, the by-products from the power station (which was piping hot water) was pumped out to supply the local area. Can you believe it? The local hospital, police and the fire stations got their heating for free. On looking closer, I found out that, in Amsterdam, even way back then, houses and factories had a metered supply. The enormity of this and the positive impact for the whole of the community and the resultant savings on fossil fuels has stayed with me ever since. Renewable energy wasnt heard of back then. There really was nothing commercially available in the UK for the general public to buy or own. When the building industry crashed in the 1990s I re-qualified as an optician. However, after more than a decade I reverted back to the tools, firstly qualifying as a plumber, then as a Gas Engineer and shortly after that, I became a fully qualified Electrician. With all these trades under my belt, I became very much aware of the amount of heat and power we were using, both domestically and commercially. The only source of this energy was either fossil fuels or nuclear. Now, I had seen that, on average, energy prices double every 7-10 years. It occurred to me that it doesn’t have to be that way. So, I started to take another look at alternative renewable energy. When the Kyoto climate change agreement was signed in 1998, renewable energy started to become more freely available to the general public of Great Britain. Ever since I first heard about it, I have always believed that renewable energy makes sense. So, the next logical step for me was to follow this path. In 2006, I started working in the renewable sector. I could see the benefits, not only for me as a career, but for the customer and the planet too. I took time out to gain more knowledge, skills and qualifications in the renewables industry and, after a short period working for someone else in renewables, in 2011, I decided to seize the day, and started my own renewable energy company. The company I present to you today does not offer anything too complicated to get our minds around. It is simply about using naturally occurring energy from a source that is not depleted when it is used. Not complicated! It just seemed like common sense. With that in mind, I sat down to think about what I might call this new company of mine … There have been a lot of changes since those days. More and better products are becoming commercially available every day. My companies have adapted and changed, reflecting advances in the industry.However, there are certain things that do not change. As a rule, I do not allow any hard selling practices from any of my staff members. My ethos all the way through has always been customer-based. Our aim here at Common Sense Energy Ltd. is to treat you the same way we would expect to be treated. Therefore, we give you honest, clear, positive advice regarding the energy saving measures that would benefit you. We will look to talk you out of the things that won’t help you. Our goal is to give you an all-encompassing picture of the ways that you can reduce your utility bills by using renewable energy without diminishing your lifestyle. Our aim is to give you power security, making you as power neutral as possible. Thereby, we will play our part in reducing your bills or in some cases making you bill free, both now and when the electricity prices increase. In conclusion, let me just say, it is a privilege to work with forward thinking people such as yourself. I am really looking forward to hearing from you and working with you.
Evergen Solar
Evergen are an energy and environment company. We install Solar generation, electricity storage and Energy Management Systems on homes, commercial properties and public sector buildings. As well as saving our customers £thousands on their annual energy bills, all of these activities have a direct impact on cutting CO2 emissions. Now we are also tackling urban air pollution.
YES Energy Solutions
YES Energy Solutions is an award-winning Community Interest Company dedicated to reducing CO2 and alleviating fuel poverty. We are a Community Interest Company committed to helping people and organisations save energy and money. With no shareholders to satisfy, we invest our profits into the communities we support – be it to establish sustainable energy projects, boost local employment in the energy saving sector, or offer sustainable solutions to the most vulnerable in society.
Whether you are a home owner, business, housing association or public sector customer, its time to reduce and lock down your immediate and future electricity bills, cut your carbon emissions whilst providing you with an income for the next 20 years. Engenera makes this possible for national UK clients, with its freedom of choice installation options, buy it, finance it, or receive it for FREE. Engage in free advice through our Going Green consultancy service for all types of clients. Client Services Going Green, free home and business consultancy service for renewable technologies. Domestic Solar PV, free, paid or financed. Commercial Solar, free, paid, finance. Education and public sector free, paid or finance. Social Housing and housing associations. free, paid or finance.