Event Sponsors

Sponsors for 2019 South West Regional Energy Efficiency Awards

Logicor (Group) Ltd
Research & Development Logicor specialises in the supply or creation of patents across a wide range of industry sectors. Logicor is an established Research & Development company whose solutions to problems often result in the creation of companies with independent funding and workforces to take those ideas into the market place. Often people we talk to only give us a simple part sentence that usually starts with "wouldnt it be nice if..." That sentence has preceded some of our most successful ventures to date. However the Logicor team are continuously looking at new products or projects to work on. The company has a team of professionals who oversee all aspects of the companys business activities ranging from solicitors, accountants and of course our investment team Skills & Investment Control of the business rests with its three directors, all of whom have skills that contribute to the success of the business but behind that team of directors are an investment team and the company's shareholders who between them decide which projects to bring to market and at what time. In the past two years Logicors investment has been substantial and two new products have been brought to market.
Area Eco
Area Eco specialises in providing support to companies and residents to reduce cost and to comply with the Carbon Reduction legislative framework. Based in the Midlands we train and support people and organisations across the UK. We offer a wide range of services for domestic and commercial customers. Area Eco offers specialist advisers with many years experience in the area of Energy Management and sustainable energy saving techniques. Area Eco has qualified domestic, public buildings, and commercial energy assessors. We will undertake an audit of the current condition of the property. You will then be supplied with an energy performance certificate and a green deal assessment (if required) with suggestions for improvements to your property.
OUR STORY. Sometimes we all need a bit of advice. Whether it’s to double check on that heating part you’ve been buying for years, or you are looking at new heating spares, Plumbase will help you along your journey. At Plumbase we believe in sharing our expertise in bathrooms, plumbing and heating. We’re proud of our knowledgeable, experienced staff across our nationwide branches and we think that’s what makes us different. Founded over 155 years ago as part of the Grafton Group PLC, we have never forgotten our small humble beginnings. The origins of Plumbase began with H. Bradley Ltd, a plumbing and heating business made up of 6 branches in London. This was then acquired by the Grafton group in 1994 and changed the company name to Plumbase in 1998. Since then we have built up over 163 branches specialising in all things bathrooms and plumbing and our sites are always at hand to share knowledge to professionals like you. PROUD TO SUPPORT YOU. Because of our history and knowledgeable staff we have remained one of the UK’s leading national plumber’s merchants. Supplying a wide range of products from plumbing and heating products, boiler spares, to bathrooms and renewables, we are always at hand to provide the best service you can find! You can even open an account for your own personal pricing policy. We are the only Merchant to have launched a 24 hour boiler spares line! We understand that sometimes spares are needed there, especially if you are on a tight schedule. Simply call our 24 hour line on 0330 0536223 and collect your part in store the next working day! Those things are important to you, and supporting you is important to us.
Wales & West Utilities Ltd
Our core business at Wales & West Utilities is the safe and secure transportation of gas across our distribution network throughout Wales and the south west of England. This involves connecting new customers, maintaining and replacing gas pipework, and responding to gas emergencies. With a gas network of more than 35,000km of mains, we transport gas to the homes and businesses of 2.5 million consumers across a geography covering 1/6th of the UK, serving a population of more than 7 million people
Insulated Homes Ltd
Insulated Homes has been providing external wall insulation since 2009, with a skilled director who has worked in the park home industry for many years prior to that and who understands the unique construction and vulnerabilities of park homes. Insulated Homes work with individual park home residents and councils to provide external wall insulation and other energy efficiency measures. We have a system that has been developed over many years, qualified surveyors and installers who will care for your home and skilled customer services who operate to ISO9001 standards to support you through the process. Our quality and customer satisfaction is independently monitored through IWA who provide the twenty-five year insurance backed guarantee for your insulation system as well as QICA who monitor quality throughout the energy efficiency and construction industries. We are a multi award-winning company, work to ISO9001 standards and have a selection of the most prized accreditations within the industry. To find out what we are really about, you should listen to what our customers say.
Eco Surv
Since 2013 Eco Surv have been revolutionising the way the energy efficiency and renewables industry operates through intelligent software and mobile solutions. The ECO Surv platform is a full end-to-end workflow management solution for the Energy Efficiency, ECO and Renewables industry. Our Mobile Surveying applications and cloud based platform allows for a streamlined route from lead generation to survey, compliance checking, installation, submission and obligation reporting. The ECO Surv surveying application is used to capture data on site through the use of a mobile tablet. Once a measure is complete and uploaded compliant documentation is instantly created, ready for quick and easy application processing. By using Eco Surv our current clients have experienced increased productivity huge time savings and successful submissions enabled by the streamlining and standardisation of the complicated process.
Mitchell & Dickinson
We have created a business that considers the consequences of all its actions, to help create a world that is a better place to live,’ says our founder, Mukti Mitchell. ‘We value people and the planet as highly as we value profit, so our ecological aim is to reduce CO2 emissions, our economic aim is to make profits sufficient to grow the business and provide a return to investors, and our social aim is to demonstrate how a happy team work better and happy customers provide more business.’ Mukti is the author of The Guide to Low Carbon Lifestyles and famously sailed an eco micro yacht around Britain in 2007. His mission is to avert climate change, and he was named an Environmental Champion at the 2016 DEBI Awards for his personal commitment to an exemplary low carbon lifestyle over 20 years and his work as director of Mitchell & Dickinson. He says, ‘There is an urgent case for retrofitting the UK’s period properties to protect both our environment and architectural heritage. ‘Millions of Britain’s houses were built over 100 years ago and many have had no material improvements made to them. If we don’t make them energy efficient and well insulated they’ll be increasingly uncomfortable to live in and, regardless of our interest in our history, people will stop wanting to live in older properties in favour of new, efficient, warm and comfortable houses. ‘When people don’t want to live in older houses, or take on the costs of living in one, the value of our older houses will go down, which will make the case for investing in them to bring them up to modern standards more economically unviable for private owners. The result? Our older houses will fall into a state of disrepair, empty and dilapidated, which will impact on our cities and towns in so many ways – aesthetically, socially, physically and economically. And as our older housing stock is carbon hungry, we’ll never reach our carbon reduction targets unless we sort it out.’ Secondary Glazing North Devon
Evergen Solar
Evergen are an energy and environment company. We install Solar generation, electricity storage and Energy Management Systems on homes, commercial properties and public sector buildings. As well as saving our customers £thousands on their annual energy bills, all of these activities have a direct impact on cutting CO2 emissions. Now we are also tackling urban air pollution.
Aran Services Ltd
Aran Services Ltd provides an end to end solution for the improvement of energy efficiency in homes and businesses nationwide. Dedicated to delivering cost effective home improvement solutions. Since our formation in 2004 we have advised and improved the efficiency of over 300,000 homes and businesses, reducing carbon emissions by over 2 million tonnes. Our head office situated in the heart of East of England supported by our divisional branches provide full UK coverage, we pride ourselves on our exceptional levels of Health and Safety compliance and Customer Care for individual home owners, tenants, housing providers and businesses alike. We are pleased to receive regular commendations from our satisfied customers. Delivering programmes of improvement for Local Authorities, Housing Providers, Developers and Construction Companies, we understand the issues and the challenges faced within retrofit and new build sectors. Aran Services continues to work closely with Government bodies, energy suppliers, and manufacturers ensuring that best practice and value is offered to all our clients, from individual households to large corporate companies. Being at the forefront of the industry ensures that new methods and technologies are adopted providing exceptional levels of carbon emission reduction. Grant funding and finance solutions are available for a number of improvements.
City Energy
City Energy are specialists ECO funding and work to provide homes across the UK with a means of affordable warmth and work to alleviate fuel poverty. We work closely with the public and private sectors to maximise funding opportunities which enable individual and area wide energy efficiency schemes.
Whether you are a home owner, business, housing association or public sector customer, its time to reduce and lock down your immediate and future electricity bills, cut your carbon emissions whilst providing you with an income for the next 20 years. Engenera makes this possible for national UK clients, with its freedom of choice installation options, buy it, finance it, or receive it for FREE. Engage in free advice through our Going Green consultancy service for all types of clients. Client Services Going Green, free home and business consultancy service for renewable technologies. Domestic Solar PV, free, paid or financed. Commercial Solar, free, paid, finance. Education and public sector free, paid or finance. Social Housing and housing associations. free, paid or finance.