National Energy Efficiency Awards 2024

National Business Development Manager / Director of the Year

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This award recognises an outstanding individual who has helped develop growth in their business within the energy efficiency sector.


Nominations for this award are open to any individual that meets the following criteria: He/she must be a Business Development Manager, a Business Development Director, or a Senior Manager with responsibility for Business Development, within the energy sector (eg Managing Director). They must have worked on energy efficiency related projects within the period between January 2023and March 2024. Work carried out in previous years may be used as additional supporting information only. A clear nomination statement is required, outlining what sets them apart in their field and demonstrating clear energy savings achieved. Customer testimonials and community impact statements are essential. Judges will consider the nature, scale and scope of the work carried out, and a special emphasis will be placed on any successful integration of any national or local government energy efficiency schemes into the nominated project.

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nominated by ken


nominated by SWIP Ltd

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The current holder of this award is

Prize being presented to David Draper
National Energy Efficiency awards 2023
David Draper

they were nominated by Solar Fast

An outstanding level of organic growth. David's entrepreneurship in turning the Gas Fast to a successful Solar Fast in such a short period of time is very impressive. His business acumen, strategic thinking and sense of community are the biggest assets not only to his company, but to the sector in general.
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Second: Josh Raffo
Third: Chris Delaney