National Energy Efficiency Awards 2024

National Fuel Poverty & Vulnerable Customer Support of the Year

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This award recognises an individual or organisation that has gone the extra mile to help people in difficult circumstances because of fuel poverty.


Nominations for this award are open to any individual or organisation that meets the following criteria:- They must be actively engaged in addressing the issue of Fuel Poverty or Vulnerable Customer Support in the UK They must provide a tangible improvements their work has made to the lives of people suffering from fuel poverty. They must have worked on tackling issues with customer vulnerability or fuel poverty within the period between January 2023 and March 2024. Work carried out in previous years may be used as supporting information only. Customer testimonials and community impact statements are essential. Judges will consider the nature, scale and scope of the work carried out, with special emphasis on whether any national or local government energy efficiency schemes have been integrated into their projects.

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Prize being presented to Centre for Sustainable Energy
National Energy Efficiency awards 2023
Centre for Sustainable Energy
A great scheme showing many avenues to support vulnerable customers. Its vision to bring people together to transform the energy system and tackle the climate emergency is one we should all aspire to.
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Second: LMF Energy Services
Third: Target Housing Ltd
Third: Thurrock Council and Kensa Contracting Ltd