National Energy Efficiency Awards 2024

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Award Category Description

This award recognises an outstanding product that helps to improve energy efficiency in the UK.


Nominations for this award are open to any product that is helping improve energy efficiency and which meets the following criteria: It must be an accredited product. It must have been operational within its target market within the period of January 2023 to March 2024. Work carried out in previous years may be used as additional supporting information only. A clear nomination statement is required, outlining what sets the product apart in its field and demonstrating actual energy savings achieved. Customer testimonials and community impact statements are essential. Judges will consider the nature, scale and scope of energy efficiency savings provided by the product, with special emphasis on whether any national or local government energy efficiency schemes have been integrated. The judges will also look at: - the level and type of funding available to support the product. - what level of expertise the manufacturer has within its organisation.

Nominees for this award


nominated by SWIP Ltd

Air Turb

nominated by The Energy Group

Shoebox NX

nominated by The Kensa Group Ltd

Solfit Over-clad

nominated by Solfit


nominated by PAS Safe Solutions Ltd


nominated by LMF Energy Services

Previous Winner

The current holder of this award is

Prize being presented to The SWIFIX  Fitting Solution
National Energy Efficiency awards 2023
The SWIFIX Fitting Solution

they were nominated by Swifix Ltd

This ground-breaking product innovation has benefitted many EWI installers, and its ease of use and technical capabilities make it a must. The result is a first-class product meeting a definite need. Excellent!
The Judges
Also recognised were
Second: Airbox Trickle Vent
Third: Soltherm Dynamic