Energy Efficiency Awards 2024

National Project Management Company of the Year

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This award recognises an organisation that takes a clear and structured approach to managing energy efficient projects Judges will consider the size and scope of the projects that were managed along with the energy efficiency measures implemented, and the success with which any savings were delivered.


Nominations for this award are open to any organisation that meets the following criteria: It must provide a clear nomination statement outlining what sets it apart from other people /organisations managing similar projects within the industry, demonstrating clearly the energy savings it has achieved through the management of energy efficiency projects. Customer testimonials and community impact statements are essential. It must be able to provide evidence of an end user / customer who has benefited from the project and who is willing to endorse the project management with a favourable testimonial statement. Judges will consider the nature, scale and scope of the work carried out, the energy efficiency measures implemented and the success with which any savings were delivered. They will attach special emphasis to whether any national or local government energy efficiency schemes have been integrated into its projects. The judges will also look at: how the project manager has minimised negative community impacts. - what the customers and local community have to say about the projects and the project manager - what level of expertise the project manager has in delivering energy efficiency projects. Projects must have been completed between January 2023 and March 2024 - where an on-going multi-year phased project is involved, the project management of the delivery phase may be considered, but the completed phase must involve the complete design and install of energy efficiency measures, and the measures must be in full operational use.

Nominees for this award

Making Energy Greener

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UK Energy Management Ltd

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Madison May Consulting

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Align Property Partners Limited

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LMF Energy Services

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YES Energy Solutions

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Procast Group

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Prize being presented to Procast Group
National Energy Efficiency awards 2023
Procast Group
Procast are an outstanding project management company, working on several large-scale retrofit projects to make homes more energy efficient and heating homes more affordable. They also provide a one-stop shop to help put sustainable energy efficiency technologies into homes and commercial properties.
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Also recognised were
Second: YES Energy Solutions
Third: London & Regional Hotels Ltd
Third: Surefire Management Services Ltd