National Energy Efficiency Awards 2022

National Social Responsibility Company of the Year

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Award Category Description

This award recognises the acheivements of an organisation in addressing the requirements of the community in which they opperate. Social Responsibility is about more than the financial bottom line for a business. It is about ensuring the organisation is having a positive effect on society and the environment.


Nominations for this award are open to any company that meets the following criteria:-

The organisation must have been involved in social responsibility within the period between January 2021 and March 2022.

Work carried out in previous years may be used as additional supporting information for nomination, but only work carried out within the period is eligible for inclusion in the main nomination statement.

Nominees must provide a clear nomination statement outlining what sets them apart within their field, and demonstrating how their approach to social responsibility is successful

The nominee must be able to provide evidence of a customer or stakeholder who is willing to endorse their work with a favourable testimonial statement.

Judges will consider the nature, scale and scope of the organisations activities, and a special emphasis will be placed on any use of any National or Local Government Energy Efficiency schemes to help meet Social Responsibility targets.

The judges will also look at:
- the impact their business has had within the local community.
- what their customers and local community have to say about them
- what level of expertise the nominee has within its organisation

Nominees for this award


nominated by

Next Energy

nominated by

Eco Surv

nominated by

Soltherm External Insulations Limited/Surefire Management Services Ltd

nominated by

Zenergi Ltd

nominated by

Switchee Ltd

nominated by

Pacifica Home Services T/A 0800repair

nominated by

Islington Council / Seasonal Health Intervention Project

nominated by

Agility Eco

nominated by

Oscar Onsite

nominated by

Previous Winner

The current holder of this award is

Prize being presented to J Tomlinson Ltd
Photos from the National Awards 2020
J Tomlinson Ltd
Also recognised were
Second: Pacifica Home Services
Third: Severn Wye Energy Agency